proudmommy0f4 (proudmommy0f4) wrote,

Unexpected coldness

We ventured out on a chol hamoed outing today. Partly inside and partly outside was the plan - it's chag ha'aviv, right? We should be able to picnic and possibly take a short hike.


If it is borderline cold, it might do one well to remember that if you go to higher elevations, it will be colder. So, High Point state park, which is the highest elevation in NJ, will be ... well... high up.

It was really pretty,
 photo IMG_3825_zpsb8304835.jpg

But as you can see, there was *snow* everywhere. And ice. I'm not hiking nowhere in that.

So, we got creative.

Meet Fievel, the matzo eating snow man.

 photo IMG_3812_zps91784d53.jpg

Chillin' with a cool dude.

 photo IMG_3818_zps60af78bb.jpg

Fun trips can be unexpected ones!
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