proudmommy0f4 (proudmommy0f4) wrote,

A busy day

I've taken a couple of vacation days for Chanukah (yay vacation time!) Yesterday I took the two youngest on an outing, but today they are back in school, so I had a day to fill. Mostly, I've been removing wallpaper paste from the walls in our front entry hall (Up the ladder, scrub, down the ladder. Move the ladder six inches. Repeat.) But I saved some time for playing in the kitchen! Behold yummy donuts for Chanukah -


I used the Dessert Doughnuts recipe from King Arthur Flour with the vanilla glaze. Yum! Okay, they are baked not fried, but I was frying sweet potato latkes, so we really didn't need more fried.

Happy Chanukah all!
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